Weight Loss Recipe: Slow Cooked Chicken Breasts and Vegetable Hot Pot

I wanted to share with you today a light, healthy and nutritious recipe for meal times.  This is slow cooked chicken breasts done in the crockpot (or slow cooker), together with potatoes and vegetables. People sometimes eat skinless chicken breasts when trying to lose weight because they're relatively high in protein and low in fat. Simply adding chicken breasts to what you already eat won't result in weight loss, however. To see a gradual drop in weight, you must eat chicken breasts instead of another higher-calorie food & reduce your overall caloric intake.

The main reason chicken breast can be recommended for weight loss purposes is its protein content. A 3-ounce serving of white chicken meat provides 25g of protein. This may help you increase your satiety levels so you don't eat as much later on in the day, helping you to better manage your body weight.

If you want to lose 1 pound per week, on average you'll need to cut 500 calories out of your diet each day to make up the 3,500 calories in that pound. A 3-ounce serving of roasted chicken breast contains about 170 calories. This is about 70 calories less than the same amount of roasted chicken wings. As you can see, just changing another meat for chicken breast isn't likely to be enough to lose weight quickly; you'll most likely need to make other dietary changes as well. See here for more details.

Overall, it's a good idea to try to eat mainly foods that are low in energy density when you're trying to lose weight. Energy density is the amount of calories per gram in a food. Low-energy-density foods are more filling than high-energy-density foods because you can eat more of them for fewer calories, which means you're less likely to be hungry in between meals. Fruits, vegetables and broth-based soups all contain plenty of fibre or water, which makes them lower in energy density, while fried foods, fatty meats and sweet treats tend to be high in fat or sugar, making them higher in energy density.

Please watch a short video on this high-energy-density recipe here:
4 x chicken breast, 8-10 new potatoes cut small, 2 sticks of celery, one carrot, 2 onions (1 red, 1 brown), 2 cloves of garlic, chicken stock, salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme.

For the cooking method, please refer to the short video above.
Don't forget that when trying to lose weight, in addition to cutting calories, it's important to exercise too.  If you don't exercise in addition to cutting calories, about a quarter of the weight that you lose will come from your muscle instead of fat. To avoid this, do a mix of cardio and strength training exercises
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Stay healthy,

Love Lou X

Healthy Recipe: Clean Eating Peanut Butter Fudge - A Great Vegan Snack

I've just finished the school year here in Portugal (I'm gonna miss my students)!  To "reward" myself for my hard work over the last year, I thought I would treat myself to a rich (but vegan) and very sexy treat. It is a healthy type of peanut butter fudge so it is rich, dense, and protein and carbohydrate packed.  In fact it is so rich, you will only want to eat a small amount at a time!

It has a creamy texture which melts in your mouth.  I've made sure this is clean eating and a vegan recipe so it only contains natural ingredients and it's dairy-free. On the plus-side, it is sooo easy to make.  

Proof it's easy to make is the fact that the prep time is 5-mins and cooking time is 10-mins. However chill time is: 1-1.5 hours.

The full video, including all the ingredients, their quantities, as well as the method is here:


1 cup of smooth low fat peanut butter
½ cup of coconut oil
6 tablespoons of honey
6 tablespoons of stevia 
½ of teaspoon of cinnamonextract
Pinch sea salt


In a saucepan, add the peanut butter, coconut oil, stevia, honey, salt and cinnamon. Heat over low-medium while stirring gently.
Remove from heat, pour into an 6-by-6-inch glass square container.  
Place in freezer for one to 1.5 hours until solid but not frozen. Cut into squares and serve!

Nutrition Information per square serving:

Calories: 119
Protein: 3g
Fat: 10g
Net carbs: 6g
Fiber: 0.7g

Check out some more of my tasty vegan choccy biccy recipes here and click here for my vegan nutella recipe.

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Healthy Lifestyle Recipes: Banana Tea as a Sleeping Aid / Natural Insomnia Cure

Hello everyone
After an extended break, I'm back with some new recipes and healthy ideas! I've been busy with my teaching job here in Portugal and so haven't had much time for my blog. However, the children are now off for the summer, so I have more free time to make videos and create new recipes. 😁

As a teacher, I've often found that there's lots of different ideas shooting through my head at night, not to mention, recalling the previous day's events. This means that sometimes, when I'm in bed, I toss and turn, unable to fall asleep. The more you worry about not sleeping, the more your mind races, and next thing you know, hours have passed. An active mind does not permit sleep.
There are many sleeping aids on the market. However, sleeping medication - such as sedative hypnotic drugs like benzodiazepines and barbiturates can be addictive and are used to treat anxiety disorders by increasing drowsiness. Barbiturates depress the central nervous system are used as anesthetics and sedatives.

If you're suffering from insomnia, you will want to avoid these.  This is where my banana tea recipe steps in. It's a quick 11-minute recipe and all you need is an organic banana and some water.
How does it work?
Bananas, including their peels, are full to the brim with potassium and magnesium. While magnesium helps prevent sleep disturbances, both magnesium and potassium work together to relax our muscles. In fact, magnesium is one of the best minerals for relaxation.
Bear in mind that this recipe calls for 100% organic bananas. Bananas that are not organic are loaded with harmful pesticides and since I encourage you to eat the boiled peel, it must be chemical-free.
Please view the below 1-minute video for the full method:-

Method to the madness
  • Start off by scrubbing and washing one organic banana. Then, cut off both ends of the banana and place it, peel and all, into boiling water.
  • Boil it for around 10 minutes.
  • Using a colander, pour the water into a mug. If you’re feeling adventurous, sprinkle the cinnamon into the tea. Drink it one hour before bed time.
Of course, don't forget you can eat the left over boiled banana! Eating the warm, gooey fruit and its peel along with the tea will increase its soothing effects… Not to mention it makes a yummy dessert!
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Love Lou X

Healthy Lifestyle Recipes: Low Fat Lemon Curd Recipe

Hello everyone! Check out what I made:-

There is something mesmerising about a hearty lemon curd. It is thick and creamy but a bit sweet and sour at the same time. It's consistency is so spreadable and delightful that sometimes I crave it.
I am blessed enough to have a beautiful lemon tree in my garden. It produces juicy seedless lemons all year round and it is very enthusiastic, meaning I have more lemons that I can handle! So I had to think of a way to start using up my lemons. (Of course they are organic lemons - proof is here):-

I didn't know what kind of ingredients went into lemon curd other than lemons and white sugar, so knew I had a challenge on my hands to try and create a healthier Lemon Curd recipe and to steer well clear of high calorific, fatty ingredients. 

I therefore have two separate videos on YouTube for lemon curd. One is a popular one minute recipe, and the other one is a bit longer. They are the same basic recipe but with different quantities. This is because I decided to make a "bigger batch" as I was getting through the lemon curd so quickly!

I am always making lemon curd as I just LURVE it. If you followed me on snap, you would know how often I make it.

Here is a pic of my large batch:-

I’ve been eating this healthy Lemon Curd with cheese. Also another delicious idea is to mix it through with natural unsweetened greek yoghurt. You could add a bit of museli on the top, which is a super tasty way to eat it!

Here is my one minute recipe, which renders 3 jars of lemon curd:-

2 cups of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice
4 eggs
1 yolk
9 tbsps of honey
9 tbsps of stevia

This is a longer video where the film starts with me in my garden with the lemon tree behind me. It renders for a smaller batch (one jar):-

1cup of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice
2 eggs
1 yolk
3 tbsps of honey
3 tbsps of stevia

In order to find out the method, you need to watch one of the videos. There seems to be an urban myth that lemon curd is hard to make, but it really isn't. You just need to do a bain-marie which is as easy as ABC.

This is the pic of one of my serving suggestions:-

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Stay healthy,

Love Lou X

Healthy Lifestyle Recipe's Tips and Advice after Bingeing on Chocolate Plus Turkey and Apple Wrap Recipe

Hello everyone!

How was your Easter break?  I personally had a fantastic time - I had a lovely spa weekend away as it was my birthday on Saturday. I was spoilt with massages and beauty treatments, and with plenty of Easter gifts.  The hotel we stayed at, Your Hotel and Spa in Alcobaça made sure I had plenty of birthday cake and chocolate eggs!  By the way, here is the vlog I made of my birthday and Easter weekend away:-

Today, most people are back into the normal swing of things at work.  You may be feeling bloated, spotty and uncomfortable after so much chocolate? I know I am!

It can be seen as part and parcel of the Easter holiday to indulge in treats including hot cross buns, chocs and Easter eggs.  This means, like me, you may be on a bit of a sugar comedown this week. Fear not! You can reverse the effects of the Easter binge.  Here are my tips on how to do just that:-

1) Try and fit in at least one light meal per day over the next week.  You could try a soup or a healthy salad, or indeed even a turkey protein wrap.  This is a new recipe I have released this week especially for the Easter comedown. I have chosen it especially because of its high vegetable and protein content, helping to clean up your digestive tract.  You will notice I also served it with a large portion of peas!  Here is the video of it, detailing the cooking method. A list of ingredients and their quantities is below:-

500g lean turkey breast mince
4 tbsp unsweetened apple sauce
2x egg whites
1 pepper
1 celery stick
1 red onion
4 cloves of garlic
water in a jug on standby to add if it gets dry or starts to catch
1 teaspoon of turmeric
salt and pepper

2) In addition to a light meal, it is good for your digestion to go for a few hours every day without eating, to give your stomach a rest and let it work.  This means for the rest of this week, at least, try your hardest to avoid all snacking.

3) Switch all of your liquid calories for water and herbal teas. I'm sure you do anyway, but make sure you stay away from the juices and sodas! You need to communicate with your body that it's the end to the rich foods it has become used to.

And my fourth and final tip is possibly the hardest...if you're serious about stopping the Easter binge and giving yourself a health treat, you need to clear out the left-over uneaten Easter snacks.  Like me, if it's in the house, you'll probably eat it!  You could always give it to someone else as a gift.  It is empowering to take control of your environment and stock up the kitchen with healthy, nutritious foods.

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Stay healthy,

Love Lou X

A Big Dose of Truth: The Importance of Gods Word in the Recipe for a Healthy Lifestyle

As part of my healthy lifestyle regime, I always need to make sure I include a good dose of truth - the spoken Word - ie. the Bible in my life. The Bible is the most famous and influential book ever. It is the most read, talked about, quoted and debated book in the world. It was the first book ever put to the printing press. The man who first printed it, Johannes Gutenberg, was recently voted the most important man to have ever lived within the past 1000 years!

A large number of people around the world read portions of this book every day. It is the most published and printed book in the history of the world. It has been printed in just about every known language (including braille) and each year, since it was first written, it has been the world's greatest bestseller year after year. 

Jesus is the most remarkable man who ever lived. His teachings and his person is what our laws and western civilisation is based on. Even the way we label our years - AD and BC is based on when he lived and died. The message of the Bible contains a life-changing message of freedom. Freedom from spiritual, physical and mental oppression and fear. It teaches us the reason why we are here; the meaning of life, which is knowing God, being close to Him, and behaving how He wants us to behave.

 For this reason, in today's blogpost, I have narrated and am reading out to you the entire book of the Gospel of John.  I'm not a particulary talented reader and I certainly make mistakes while I'm reading, but I know the importance of the presence of God's word in everyones' lives. Feel free to view the video here:-

Obviously it's quite a long one! It's nearly two hours long! 

I have also written a fictional fantasy novel which spells out many of the truths in John, in a fun, playful way. It's called The Eternal Quest - The Otsim Tribe". It can be found here.

I would love to hear what you think about the advice on this page and whether you read the Bible - you can DM me on myoutube channelmy Instagram page, my facebook page, my pinterest page and my twitter account.   

Stay healthy,

Love Lou X

The Dangers of Mixing Certain Foods with Pharmaceutical Drugs plus Health-Busting Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Hello everyone,

I work at a school, and we all know what schools are like; they can be a breeding ground for germs. If one kid comes to school ill, they tend not to be too careful with sneezing and washing their hands, due to their limited awareness of germ-spreading. 

February is one of the coldest months of the year, and let’s face it, sometimes we get ill and have to take the dreaded trip to the doctor. But, the last thing you want to do is ruin the prescriptions by eating the wrong foods!

(Here is a sneak preview from one of my lessons where we were studying places to visit and directions, so I drew a map of the town where I live, Caldas da Rainha, and elicited some ideas from the students:-)

We all want to get better fast so it’s important we eat the right types of food in order to avoid any negative reactions with the prescriptions. I found these helpful facts from Blink Health that outlines some crazy food and drug interactions that really surprised me.  

Alcohol and antihistamines: Did you know that drinking alcohol with your allergy medications might make you doze off? Antihistamines are amplified by alcohol which causes drowsiness. Don’t mix the two!

Antibiotics and milk: Iron-rich dairy and calcium fortified juices will stop your medication's ability to fight an infection.

Antidepressants and Cheese: If you are on an MAO inhibitor, you might want to refrain from mixing the two. Combining these drugs with tyramine-rich foods like aged cheese can cause a risky rise in blood pressure.

Anticoagulants and Broccoli: You should really take caution when eating foods high in vitamin K. Broccoli and other leafy greens can essentially shut off the drug’s blood thinning.

Bronchodilators and coffee: If you suffer from asthma, you might want to stop drinking your daily cup of jo. Caffeine can increase the side effects of bronchodilators. This includes excitability, nervousness and rapid heart beat.

Blood Pressure medications and bananas: ACE inhibitors raise potassium levels and having too much of this mineral in your body can actually cause heart palpitations and even cardiac arrest! Stick to eating apples!

Cholesterol lowering drugs and grapefruit juice: Grapefruit juice actually hates a lot of prescriptions including cholesterol lowering drugs. Your arteries will not enjoy a morning glass of grapefruit juice which stops stains from working properly.

You can’t forget about your healthy diet when you aren’t feeling your best! So with today's blogpost, I am also including a super healthy recipe to boost your mineral and vitamin intake at this delicate time of year...cauliflower rice! Check out the video here:-

One head of cauliflower, some cress, 3 cloves of garlic, half a yellow pepper chopped up, a handful of blueberries, one tablespoon of coconut oil, salt, pepper, ground coriander, rosemary.

Method to the madness
  • Either grate the cauliflower head or finely chop all of the cauliflower florets.
  • Add the tbsp of coconut oil to a non-stick pan.  On a medium, warm up the oil.  Add the finely chopped or grated cauliflower, and three chopped cloves of garlic. Stir.
  • Add a sprinkle of rosemary and half a chopped yellow bell pepper. Stir and keep it on medium heat for another 3 minutes.
  • Take your saucepan off the hob. 
  • Now, we're going to steam the cauliflower, so pop a lid over the mixture and leave it for 5-6 minutes.  
  • After this, add 1.5 teaspoons of ground coriander and stir.  Add some fresh blueberries and freshly chopped cress and mix it around. You are now ready to eat and enjoy!

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Stay healthy,

Lou X

Healthy Vegan Starter/Sidedish: Stuffed Pineapple with Vegetables

My brother and sister-in-law visited us in our new home in Portugal just recently, and as a little gift, my sister-in-law gave me a pineapple. I squealed with delight when I saw it (yes, yes, little things please little minds, I know) because it was such a cute and unusual gift. I love pineapples but hadn't eaten any in such a long time. 
This got my creative juices flowing....what should I do with it? I've made pineapple alcoholic cocktails before and I've used pineapple in salads and on pizzas...but this time I'd like to do perhaps a warm savoury side dish or starter..."How about lightly frying pineapple cubes?" I thought to myself.
Then my idea developed more...add some veg and present it in the pineapple carcass:-

You see, I'm trying to get my husband to eat more healthily, but it's proving a difficult feat. I need to create a vegan side dish that he'll like that's full of flavour. This is when I decided to add the chilli flakes, dried basil and parsley:-

The reason I chose this pineapple gift to convert my husband into healthy eating is because pineapple is such a strong source of vitamin C and manganese; both of these elements protect against cell damage caused by free radicals. Manganese is also essential in producing several enzymes needed for energy production, and of course we all know the important role of vitamin C in fighting off colds and flu this time of year.

Pineapple is also packed full of fibre (when eaten in its natural form, rather than drunken as juice) and the soluble fibre it contains slows down the rate at which sugar is released as you digest it. 

If that wasn't enough reasons to persuade your loved ones to eat it, pineapple also contains a compound called bromelain. The protein-digesting enzymes in bromelain are thought to aid digestion. While not all studies agree on its effectiveness, bromelain is used worldwide as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-coagulant, and is thought to have anti-cancer properties. 

So, for all these reasons, you must try out my super-fast, super-easy pineapple recipe here:-

A dash of olive oil, 50g diced mushrooms, 50g plum tomatoe halves, half a cucumber, 4-5 tbsps sweetcorn, one pineapple, a sprinkling of dried parsley and basil, chilli flakes, salt and pepper to taste.

Method to the madness
Cut the pineapple in half.  Cut out as much of the inside of the fruit as you can, leaving just the two halves as carcasses.  Dice the pineapple fruit. Cut your plum tomatoes in half. Dice the half cucumber and cut the mushrooms into quarters.

Pour a small amount of olive oil to a saucepan on high heat.  Add all your vegetables, stir gently, then add the diced pineapple.

Turn your pan down to medium heat.  Add the dried basil, the parsley, chilli flakes, and salt and pepper.  Stir occassionally so nothying sticks, and leave on medium heat for 10 minutes.

Then serve up in the pineapple skins! Such an aesthetic delight!! 😍😍

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Much love,

Lou X
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