Slow Cooker Duck a l'Orange Recipe

It's great coming home to the smell of home cooked food in the crock pot (or slow cooker).  Every Monday and Tuesday, I religiously cook dinner using my slow cooker.  They always turn out to be hearty winter dishes which are a smash hit for the family. You can thicken the sauces, and the meat comes out tender and soft.  Delightful!

My husband's favourite, all time dish is duck a l'orange.  He just loves the taste of the soft duck meat and the zestiness of the orange sauce.  We have in fact got into a routine where every Monday I cook him duck a l'orange.  I don't know how long it will last as I'm sure he'll eventually get bored of it!

The other great thing about this recipe, is that there's so much vitamin C in it that I know he's getting his dosage for that week!

Anyway, this is my method to the madness:-

4x duck legs
6 oranges
1 beef stock cube
1 pot of honey (454g)
salt and pepper
flour to thicken (preferably gluten-free flour)
Plus potatoes, peas and soya beans, if that's what you like.

I also have a Chicken a l'orange recipe here, which was one of my first ever youtube recipes, but the method and ingredients are basically the same, except using chicken, of course!

  • 6 pieces of skinned chicken breasts
  • 7 oranges
  • 8 generous tablespoons of honey
  • chicken stock
  • A pinch of sea salt
  • A dab of pepper
  • Sieved flour to thicken the sauce


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