Avocado Recipes plus Heath Benefits

Mmmmm...I just love the creamy texture of avocados.  I also love their gentle yet refreshing and unusual flavour.  They are such a versatile fruit; they can be used as a fat replacement in baking, they can be added to dips and soups, as well as desserts, smoothies, and even baby food. 
Check out this delish savoury avocado warm snack idea; pan fried avocado recipe:-
2 avocados, 1 cal fry light olive oil spray, sesame seeds, soy sauce, sea salt, pepper, oregano. Spring onion or chives as a garnish.

In my opinion, avocados fall into the same category as bananas; when you cut into an avocado or banana, no juice flows out; they are both non-acidic unlike other fruit, rather they are moist but relatively dry as far as fruit goes.  They, like bananas and unlike other fruits, are great as a spread, as an alternative to butter. 
Check out this Avocado Toast Snack Recipe:-
1 slice of wholemeal seeded toast, 1 avocado, several cherry tomatoes, sprinkling of chili flakes, Italian seasoning, chives and cress.

Avocados contain around 20 health-boosting nutrients, including vitamin E for hair and nails, vitamin K for blood clotting and strong bones, B vitamins for converting food into fuel, vitamin C for boosting our immune system, potassium for maintaining healthy blood pressure and folic acid - great for pregnant women.  Due to such a high nutritional content, you should be persuaded to include it into your daily diet for optimal health. 

Try this snack idea to get more avocado into your diet:-
1 avocado, seeded wholemeal tortilla wrap, 2 egg whites, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, half a teaspoon of ground nutmeg.

Avocados are highly anti-inflammatory in nature.  This is due to their high carotenoid content including beta-carotene and lutein, as well as the phytosterols in the avocado fat.  This is great news for arthritis sufferers as avocados can reduce inflammation of the joints.  Their anti-inflammatory properties also mean they are vital for heart health and to fight heart disease.

In addition to the avocado's anti-inflammatory properties, research from Japan suggests it could also help protect against liver damage. In one Japanese study, some laboratory rats were fed avocado, others were fed other fruit. The rats were then given D-galactosamine (a potent liver toxin that interferes with cell synthesis and results in cell death). The rats fed avocado suffered the least amount of liver damage. The chemical-induced liver injuries resemble those caused by disease and viruses, so the research suggests avocado could potentially offer support in the treatment of viral hepatitis. 
Add an avocado to a smoothie for a creamier texture:-
80g pomegranate seeds (half a pomegranate), 80g-100g blueberries, 1 avocado, strawberries, 2 pears, 1 banana, 500ml or 1 pint of almond milk, 1 table spoon of chia seeds, ice, 1 tea spoon of cinnamon and vanilla extract.
The avocado is very beneficial in so many more ways.  They are rich in monounsaturated fat.  This is the 'healthy fat' which is burned easily by our bodies for energy.  A whole avocado contains around 300 calories, and around 20g of fat.  But you mustn't worry about the high healthy fat content; the fatty acid benefits are enormous as they help brain function, they also aid in the process of cell construction, improving general bodily functions and processes as well as improving our cardiovascular health.  This is partly because they help the absorption of vitamins and anti-oxidants into our bloodstream.
As a alternative breakfast idea, try out my avocado pancakes recipe:-

Scientific research has shown that avocados also help optimise cholesterol levels; there is a noticeable difference within a week of eating them.  They are also believed to fight the spread of cancer cells.  This is because avocados are especially rich in antioxidants, and antioxidants are anti-cancerous.  They contain an unusually high content of the carotenoid group, and specifically lutene, which is great for eye health.
Check out these two snack/starter/appetizer/canape recipes:-
2x avocados, 1 piece of wholemeal seeded bread, smoked salmon, Philadelphia lightest cream cheese, a rolling pin.

In conclusion, the avocado is a very versatile, powerful food which is important to include as part of your diet due to its fantastic nutritional composition.  As I have also demonstrated in this blog article, that they can be eaten cooked, raw, as a sweet or savoury dish.  Try your best to introduce your family to this fruit, or if they are already familiar with it, encourage them to eat it more regularly, and include it in your weekly meal plan.

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  1. Wow! I didn't know there were so many benefits to eating an avocodo! I will def be trying some of the recipes on this page. Seems that they are very good for you!


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