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As a frequent diner in fantastic, world class Michelin Guide and Michelin Starred restaurants, I have decided to dedicate some of my free time to creating restaurant reviews; documenting my experiences.  However, I have decided to deliver my critiques with a twist; create video reviews rather writing an article!

We can sometimes feel cheated when something isn't quite right, but we have paid a high price for a certain product or experience.  Nowadays, in our fast-moving, postmodern society and lifestyle, social media has allowed any type of news to become viral in an instance.  This is why I have decided to use my blog, youtube, facebook and twitter  accounts to communicate and deliver restaurant reviews to the rest of the world.  I want people to know if somewhere is worth writing home about!

On 26th March 2015, we visited Alimentum; Mark Poynton's 1 Michelin Star restaurant in Cambridge and we opted for the 10 course taster meal.  You can find out what happened here:-
Three days later, we continued celebrating my birthday in our hometown of Cambridge, but this time we treated my parents to Midsummer House's 10 course tasting menu:-
It is important to note, at this point, that, when reading other people's restaurant reviews and food writers' columns, it is clear that the negative (and therefore by default, funny) reviews are by far the most popular.  The science is simple; negative narratives are more entertaining as they often use humoristic metaphors and conjure up an absurd image in our minds.  They can be enthralling to read and pure and simply put, it is fun and more interesting to read a bad review than a positive one.  

This is also linked sub-consciously in our minds with the "social comparison theory"; where we compare our own reputation and careers to other peoples'.  When we discover someone is going through a tough spot and is not too successful at what they do, this can boost our own self-confidence.

I, personally, do not get a kick out of tearing down someone's reputation and taking the mickey out of someone's career failings.  For these reasons, you will not find any overly negative comments in my restaurant reviews.  I am an eternal optimist, and I always see the bright side of things and the good in people and peoples' efforts.  I am, however, honest, and I will tell you the truth of my experiences, and whether I liked things or not, and why.

Feel free to see the next restaurant review; in early March 2015, we visited Menu Gordon Jones in Bath:-
My lovely husband took me on a surprise holiday break to Padstow in Cornwall.  I made a little vlog about our trip, including reviewing Rick Stein's The Seafood Restaurant:-
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