Red Peppers Chargrilled plus Health Benefits

Red peppers (called ‘bell peppers’ in the USA) are green peppers that are riper and more mature than green ones, allowing for a sweeter, milder flavour. They are rich in vitamins and can supplement your diet with essential minerals. One medium red pepper provides 1.18g of protein, 2.5g of fibre and 5g of natural sugar, containing only 37 calories. A medium red pepper provides nearly twice your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C and about 25 percent of your daily requirement for vitamin A.
There are so many ways of eating peppers; adding them to an omelette, adding strips to a salad, or you can try chargrilling them to give them a barbeque flavour.  However, you do not need a barbeque for this!
Check out this video to find out how to chargrill a pepper for that delicious roasted flavour.  All you need is a gas hob:-
 A red pepper contains B vitamins that are essential for our growth and development. They contain thiamin, riboflavin and 1.16mg of niacin, as well as 1.17mg of vitamin B-6. An adequate intake of vitamin B-6 (such as 1.15mg or more) helps your body make neurotransmitters and may reduce breast cancer risk factors, according to a 2012 study published in "Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention."

One red pepper also provides 1.3mg of manganese, a mineral that helps develop strong bones and connective tissues. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women should consume 1.8mg of manganese per day, while men need 2.3mg; a red pepper gives you 55 to 75 percent of your daily value, which may help prevent osteoporosis.


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