Vlogs and Vlogging - the Life of an International Vlogger

So...I really love vlogging, and filming and travelling and seeing the world.  I have parents-in-law who live in Spain, and also we have a timeshare in Portugal where we go every Christmas for 2+ weeks.  The villa where we stay is self-catering, which means...I get busy in the kitchen, as well as filming our outings.

In July/August 2015, I emigrated to Portugal!!  And of course, in true vlogger style, I document the trip from packing up the van in England, and all the furniture, right up to the ferry crossing and travelling across France and Spain, then also abit of my new house:-

In May 2015, we spent a whole month in Portugal; along the Silver Coast just north of Lisbon.  During that time, we visited Alcobaça Monastry and I made this vlog of it plus an eggy bread recipe, to reflect a monastic lifestyle:-

I also decided to make a general vlog on various places along the Silver Coast:-

Lisbon is my favourite city in the world.  This is the vlog I did on it in May 2015:-

Before spending the month in Portugal, we went to Madrid in Spain:-

And now on to the rest of my international vlogs:-

For New Year 2015, we stayed at The Conrad Hilton, Algarve - a 6 star hotel.  Here's my vlog on it:-

I filmed our new year's eve and added a blueberry sorbet for good measure:-

In this Vlog, I show you around Four Seasons Country Club in Quinta do Lago, Almancil:-

Here I'm just showing you what the Algarvian Beaches are like, plus a great way to drink water in case you're thirsty by the beach:

I just love Portugal and experiencing the Algarvian culture!  In this vlog, I visit Loule market and make some healthy Christmas pudding with my purchases:-

I made this delicious Avocado and dark Chocolate Slice in the Algarve, Portugal:-

We met up with the whole family in Spain to visit my parents-in-law who live near Malaga:-

My Vlogmas Vlog in Obidos, Portugal:-

I spent Easter 2016, also my birthday weekend, in Your Hotel and Spa in Alcobaça, Portugal:-

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