Tips and Advice for Holiday Weight Loss

The holiday season is very soon upon us, with kids breaking up from today, between 17th and 20th July generally across the UK, and with most holiday destinations functioning at full throttle.  Sometimes, when we go on holiday, weight loss can be difficult to maintain, and indeed weight can be easily put on! I have just recently had lots of people write in asking about how they can possibly go on holiday and NOT put on any weight. I have therefore devised a series of key tips containing weight loss advice and maintenance.

Before I dive into sharing them with you, I just want you to firstly chill out!  Don't be stressed about your diet and your weight.  Enjoy your holiday and have a good time.  Be sociable and fit in.  It IS okay to have time off from clean eating.  But of course, whilst on holiday, make sure you don't go overboard. You can still go on holiday have a good time but still look after yourself.  Lots of people drink too much and get plastered almost every night whilst away. This is not necessary; why don't you set yourself a challenge and try to drink a little bit less? Don't you think it's unpleasant to drink too much, because it just makes us feel bad, and surely it will ruin your holiday if you overdo the booze and get ill the next day from a hang over?

Also, incorporate exercise on holiday.  Make an extra effort to be particularly active - go for a walk or for a jog.  Have a lovely swim in the sea or in the pool.  There are often hotel gyms and gyms on beaches. Why not explore the hotel and check out the gym?  Even if there isn't one, you can still have fun with exercise - enjoy yourself by setting yourself a sneaky challenge like 5 squats, 20 lunges, 10 sit ups and 10 press ups in the holiday apartment or hotel bedroom?  This is a pic of me demonstrating you can even have an exercise routine in a confined space (I'm doing a squat):-

The Tips and Advice

1) Remember to stay as hydrated as you can.  Drink water regularly throughout the day, rather than just down it all at once.  This way, you are sending a message to your body letting it know it's being hydrated regularly, meaning regular trips to the loo, and meaning your body will not hold onto excess water weight.  Water can also keep you fuller for longer.

2) Try and stay away from fruit juices and fizzy drinks.  Sometimes juice is advertised as being 'healthy', but they are so full of sugar and extra unwanted calories.  Stick to the water and tea and coffee!

3) Eat slowly, think about what you're eating, and enjoy it. Chew slowly and really experience the texture and smells of the food.  Don't use eating as a mindless habit, but use eating as a reason to replenish your energy reserves and as make it an occasion.  Try not to eat in front of the TV or tablet as this will distract you from the eating process and it will take the enjoyment away.

Here is a vlog of me explaining my weight loss tips:-

4) If you can, try and opt for a smaller plate.  Research and experiments have shown that our brains believe we have eaten more when we eat from a smaller plate, and therefore we actually eat less!

5) If you feel a tiny bit hungry, why not try having a cup of coffee instead of eating?  Caffeine is an appetite suppressant and it can help you stay away from having the munchies.

6) Try not to have a sugary breakfast.  Make sure it's protein focussed and even containing healthy fats, such as avocado, eggs or some meat.  Protein is known to keep hunger cravings away later on, whereas sugary foods make us hungrier later.

7) Change your mindset; focus on your habits and create new habits.  Focus on self control, focus on your goals.  Ask yourself, what are your goals in life?  Weight loss is not a quick fix diet; rather it is a lifestyle change.  Train your taste buds to prefer healthier food options.

8) Make yourself accountable to someone - get a weight loss buddy.  This could be a member of your family or a friend. My weight loss buddy is Yamily Benigni (in the above photo).  You can discuss ideas with this person and this will help you take ownership of the weight loss. If you don't have anyone like this, then start a blog, and make yourself accountable to everyone on the internet, like I did!

I really hope you can relate to these weight loss tips and that you will be able to incorporate some, if not all with you on holiday.  Let me know how it goes after your holiday!  Feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel here and also please visit my Instagram page, my facebook page, my pinterest page and my twitter account.


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