Coconut, Banana and Chocolate Muffins Gluten Free Recipe

I always to eat nice and clean and healthily. In addition to this, I love trying out new recipe ideas, testing the latest superfood ingredients, and inventing my own take on the latest fad ingredients in the fashionable health world. No matter how healthy you are, and how "good" you are, sometimes, perhaps on a Friday night at the end of a long and tiresome week, there is always that want to have a little something "naughty and nice". Perhaps a bit of chocolate, or some devilish M&Ms!

I really love working hard and then rewarding myself with a special treat (like a long bath or spa treatment), or maybe sometimes a delicious snack. And what I especially love is working hard at developing a recipe, filming it, and then receiving the reward of eating it - the fruits of my labour!  Bringing all these three factors together - eating the latest fashionable clean food, the desire for something sweet at the end of a hard week, and developing my own new and unique recipe, I have developed the five following recipes. Also, for fun, all of these recipes are gluten-free, and some are also dairy-free.

Coconut is a fantastic and gorgeous ingredient...not only does it taste delightful, but also its glycemic index (GI) is incredibly low.  What this means is that when you eat coconut, the release of glucose into your blood is very slow, therefore less insulin is needed by your body to utilise glucose and transport it to the cell where it's converted into energy.  This is great news for those with diabetes, and for those with a risk of developing the disease, because it lowers the impact on our blood sugar levels, decreasing stress on the pancreas.

1 cup of coconut flour (128g)
Half cup of dessicated coconut (50g)
3 tbsps cacao
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tea spoon of baking  powder
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
2 tbsps of sweetner (stevia or Splenda are the best)
2 banana
3 tbsps of coconut oil
3 tbsps honey
1 egg
1 cup of Greek natural yoghurt (0% fat)
1 tea spoon of vanilla extract
1.5 cups of  coconut milk (  ml)

Bake in a silicone baking tray at 175 degrees centigrade (350 degrees farenheit) for 25 minutes. Leave to cool off, then enjoy!

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